History of Norwalk virus

Probably the virus exists already many thousands of years. But only as 1968 in Norwalk, an American small town, many residents from an infectious gastro-intestinal flu infected, the virus could be demonstrated. In 1972 the virus was first introduced by electron microscopic studies clearly identified and given the name Norwalk virus. Was renamed the Norwalk virus in 2002 Norovirus. The virus is very resistant, even outside of a body. About objects, clothes and food, it is transferable and resistant to disinfectants and environmental influences.


In recent years, there were major outbreaks of gastro-intestinal flu in various countries. One focus of the outbreaks are often in community facilities such as hospitals, retirement homes and schools. Some stations had to be complete in hospitals or professional schools because of gastro-intestinal flu closed. The currently best known outbreak occurred in January 2007 on the cruise ship Queen Elizabeth 2nd Here, about 300 people ill in gastro-intestinal flu. For Germany, for the winter 2007, a strong noroviruses infection predicted. According to the Robert Koch Institute has a new record level of outbreaks can be expected.

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