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Affected again by the cruise ship norovirus

The norovirus has struck proliferated in recent days. In addition to schools, nursing homes and hospitals, it will repeatedly cruise ships especially. Thus, it has recently taken on the U.S. cruise ship "Explorer of the Seas" nearly 700 passengers and crew members. Also in early January a ship was ever concerned, on the "Majesty of the Sea" where humans had been infected with the virus.
As has now been reported, there will be cases of norovirus on the "Caribbean Princess". 173 Passengers and 11 Crewmitgleider attack of severe diarrhea and vomiting. The "Caribbean Princess" is now arriving in the Port of Houston. There, an employee of the CDC will come on board and take samples and carry out the necessary cleaning and disinfection measures. After that is an onward journey nothing stand in the way.


Explorer of The Seas of Noroviren concerned

At once 303 people have been infected with the Norovirus. On the "Explorer of The Seas" of Royal Caribbean 281 passengers and 22 crew members have caught it. The outbreak Noroviren  must this CDC (center for Disease Control and Prevention) be reported. The journey route of the cruise ship had to be changed. The ship was disinfected thoroughly and the CDC will take tests and examine the ship thoroughly once again. This year this is already the 3 outbreak of Noroviren on a cruise ship. A couple of days ago we already reported "of the Majesty of The Seas" and the cruise ship "Diamond Princess" was also affected by Noroviren.


Hijacked cruise ship from Norovirus

On the cruise ship "Majesty of the Seas" is now at least 66 passengers and 2 crew members have been infected with norovirus. The ship was on a Bahamas tour as the primal guests of diarrhea and vomiting complained. The victims were immediately medical care on the ship and the ship disinfected thoroughly.


Infested hotel norovirus

In Kuehlungsborn are suffering from crushing diarrhea in a hotel several guests. Debt is to be the norovirus. The hotel will be completely closed for guests to be able to perform disinfection measures. Accurate figures on how many guests are ill are not available, but it should be much more than 20th

PS: According to latest reports, it should be around 300 at the norovirus sufferers.


Norovirus on the "Celebrity Summit"

The middle of a cruise on the "Celebrity Summit" are ill more than 300 passengers and 14 crew members. They suffer crushing diarrhea, it is believed that the Norovirus is circulating. On board the "Celebrity Summit" there are 2113 passengers and 954 crew members. The affected passengers and crew members were immediately quarantined and the cruise ship disinfected thoroughly.
In September it had come on a British cruise ship to an outbreak of norovirus. Noroviruses are but not limited to cruise ships, they spread very fast there, where many people come together, kindergartens, schools and retirement homes are affected and over again.


New variant of the Norovirus

"Sydney 2012" is so called a new variant of the Norovirus. Experts warn of a heavy Norovirus wave. The experts count on numbers from Großbritanien, the Netherlands and Japan. The new variant has appeared increased already there. Against this pathogene, much more people shall not be immune than against the conventional Norovirus. The new variant "Sydney 2012" shall appeared already occasionally, too in Europe.


Cruise ships of the Norovirus concerned

Two cruise ships had to be evacuated in the caribbean. Over 400 passengers suffer from diarrhea and sickness. It is suspected that everyone has caught the Norovirus. Now gene in a walk is laboratory examining according to the U. S. health authorities CDC. "Queen Mary2" and "Emerald Princess“ are probably affected by Norovirus. The "Quenn Mary2" has burst for a 10-day cruise on December 22nd, 2012. 3800 people were on board. Concerned by it Norovirus presumably are 194 passengers and 11 crew members. There were 4400 people on the "Emerald Princess" who is expected again in Fort Lauderdale in Florida on December 27th, 2012. 189 passengers and 31 crew members are affected by the virus there.

Both ships were cleaned and disinfected thoroughly. 


Norovirus also in Japan

Presumably 4 people have died of a Noroviren infection in Japan. Another 100 people have fallen ill in a hospital in Yokohama south of Tokyo. This is suspected this one, everyone had a Noroviren infection the symptoms diarrhea and vomiting point to the fact that it is the Norovirus. Fallen ill under the 100 further ones are also 27 hospital employees.



An increase in Noroviren illnesses can be recorded also in England. According to Health Protection Agency (HPA) there shall have been 880,000 cases of Noroviren illnesses since the summer. This is an increase by 83% to the previous year. According to HPA, however, this is only the top of the iceberg since everybody doesn't go to the doctor. It has alone come to 61 outbreaks in hospitals in two December first weeks. Why the numbers so drastically rise isn't known yet. The Department of Health emphasizes that one is prepared on further Noroviren outbreaks.


Noro viruses suspicion

Wladimir Klitschko bowls nothing and nobody over so fast. A little virus has cut him down now, however. He was eat with friends in a restaurant. He and another 3 guests ordered a light chicken salad. The next day everyone felt bad, Wladimir Klitschko had to call even the emergency doctor. First got imaginary to a food poisoning. However, the veterinarian office shall assume that it has been Noro viruses. Wladimir Klitschko was on the legs 2 days after the occurrence again.


Noro virus replaces salmonellae

In the past, every season had her stomach intestines illnesses. In summer salmonellae, in winter Noroviren. But there is a moving meanwhile there. Norovirus appeared increased in summer this year. Several vacation camps and hotels had to close temporarily. Cases salmonellae poisonings appeared, however, only below the average.

Noro virus on German cruise ship

54 passengers and 22 crew members are on the cruise ship "Marco Polo" on the Noro virus disease. On Monday morning, the first symptoms are immediately identified and the British authorities have been understanding. German travelers are not on board the message of the shipping company spokesman Will. A quarantine was imposed and not the journey will continue. The "Marco Polo" is 769 passengers aboard a tour to Great Britain started. Independently of Noro's disease is a 74-year-old man on Monday died of a heart attack.


The information page for the Norovirus.

Vomiting and strong diarrheas? The danger of an infection with the Norovirus was (often described wrongly as a Noravirus) never as acute as this year. Increasingly more new reports about infections with the Norovirus appear in the press. From private households, vomiting and diarrhea are confessed just as illnesses on a massive scale in hospitals and schools.

Noroviruses are highly contagious

... and survive on food and goods. Hygiene, disinfection and cleaning are the main weapons against Norovirus.

Mikroskop - Noro-Virus

Questions about the Norovirus?

How is norovirus pathogens have been discovered?

Why is it so contagious norovirus?
How do I join a prevent infection with noroviruses?

If I have diarrhea and vomiting - what can I do?

Which products are designed for hygiene important?

Then you are on the following pages to the right place:

Noro virus symptoms - Measures - Therapy - Protection

Incubation period

The onset time for the human to human transmission is approximately half a day to two days.


This starts with hands wash about this boil from laundry and dishes up to a restricted contact with other people at the steady one.

More is the Norovirus very long-lastingly and also comes through cold and high temperatures on door handles, meal, toys and much.

Symptoms of noro virus

The known symptoms let themselves be seen in an intense gastroenteritis by sudden diarrhea and intense vomiting.

Duration of illness?

The disease takes about one to three days and heal in most cases without any consequences.

Season with a high risk of outbreak

Similarly like the influenzal infection appears the norovirus also caused gastroenteritis mainly in the winter months.  The number of new cases rises quickly to the two-hundred-fold over the summer and the outbreaks in community bodies are piling up.

The Robert cook institute (RKI) in Berlin for the last year expected around million of Norovirus illnesses. 100 times more than 2001!

Infection doctor still only knew it a decade ago: the Norovirus. Meanwhile, this microorganism regularly provides headlines from the family of the Calici viruses.

About 300 million people worldwide fall ill with this stomach intestines infection. The Norovirus infection lies on place two of the long list of viral illnesses after the cold with that


In children, the elderly and debilitated people diarrhea and vomiting should be taken seriously, this is still very much fluid! Since there is no antidote or preventive drugs, the therapy consists of only the injection of fluid and electrolyte solutions. In a few severe cases the treatment in hospital. Focus of treatment is always the hygiene. Only through this can be more widespread avoided.

The information on this side is from press agencies and information sides from the Internet. Therefore we don't assume any liability for the correctness of the details. You should have troubles, consult you for her doctor in every case.


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